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Steel Tactile Paving Studs Retrofit to Create Tactile Paving

Retrofit existing paving with Steel Tactile Paving Studs and Strips from Killeshal Precast to create Tactile Paving.

Steel Tactile Paving Studs and Strips allow existing paving to be quickly and easily retrofitted to create safer, inclusive Tactile Paving, alerting those with visual impairments to potential hazards of steps and platforms or pedestrian crossings. Killeshal have offered tactile paving for a number of years now, but we also offer Steel Tactile Paving Studs and Strips as a solution for retro-fitting into existing paving.

Steel Tactile Paving Studs and Strips

Steel Tactile Paving Studs

Tactile Paving Studs and Strips allow retrofitting of existing paving where accessibility issues may have been overlooked at design or implementation stage of any given project with a paved area. Ideally, those with visual impairments would be considered from the start and would be appropriately accommodated with tactile paving, but there are also instances where an existing paved area now has a renewed purpose that demands a degree of accessibility that was not previously required.

Tactile Paving Studs and Strips provide an excellent means to satisfy accessibility requirements for the visually impaired on existing pavements with out having to re-pave completely. Installation is relatively quick and easy and far less disruptive than re-paving, and these studs and strips allow greater flexibility in layout.

The importance of Tactile Paving cannot be over-stated and is essential for a truly inclusive environment that provides good accessibility for the visually impaired. See, for example, the UK’s RNIB article on “The importance of tactile paving and pedestrian controlled crossings“.

We have a range of tactile paving studs and strips options at KPC, making it easy to convert any paved area into one that is more inclusive for the visually impaired. With a variety of finishes, there is bound to be an option to suit your retro-fit project.

Contact our team at KPC to see how Tactile Paving Studs and Strips from Killeshal Precast can create a more inclusive environment. Click here for our Tactile Studs and Strips page.

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