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Bicycle Stands Range – Greener Healthier Travel

We have surely reached the point where we realise that we all need to take steps to add more green or eco-friendly thinking into our daily lives. Increasing numbers of commuters and those looking for a healthier lifestyle are taking to cycling to do just that. That increases the demand for bicycle parking and fortunately Killeshal have a comprehensive Bicycle Stands Range ready to fit any budget or location type.

Bicycle stands rangeBicycle Stands Range at Killeshal


Bicycle Stands Range to Suit any Project

Bicycle stands are yet another of Killeshal’s non-concrete product lines and we have been offering a comprehensive catalogue of bicycle stands for many years now. Having started with the simple and effective concrete or exposed aggregate slotted block type, we now offer a wide range of metal framed bicycle stands and shelters in a variety of types, styles and finishes.

We still offer the concrete stand type and they are still quite popular, but our metal stands now give us the ability to provide just the right type of stand for just about any installation type. Whether it’s for an urban public concourse, a parkland area or an underground or multi-storey car-park, we have just the stand to suit the job. Killeshal’s selection of bicycle stands includes ground-fixed racks, wall-hanging mounts and even space-saving two-tiered systems.

Two Tier Bicycle Stands

Whether for places of work or for bike parking facilities close to bus or train services, we have a range of bicycle stands that facilitate securing bicycles. Providing safe and adequate bicycle parking is a great way to promote the increased uptake of cycling and that, in turn, could not be a better way to be more eco-friendly, combat traffic issues and promote better health.

Contact our team at Killeshal to see how Bicycle Stands from Killeshal can support you in supporting cyclists.

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