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Killeshal Precast Concrete

Concrete Wall Caps Increased Demand

There is definitely a sense of growth and recovery in the construction industry across the UK and Ireland with The Guardian even describing the industry in party mood at the close of 2015 ( We have seen the evidence for ourselves with a marked increase in demand for precast concrete wall caps amongst other things.

Concrete Wall Caps and More

It’s obviously not the most scientific method with which to gauge construction industry sentiment – and there are plenty of positive soundings available on the matter here: but we have seen sufficient increase in demand for precast concrete wall caps on top of increased orders on other product lines to warrant extending our logistics and technical sales office space as well as production facilities.

Killeshal Precast Concrete Wall caps batch

It’s not surprising, really; we have possibly the widest ranges of concrete wall caps and window sills in Europe with an incredible variety that we’ve developed over the last 50 years of manufacturing precast concrete components.

In the past few months alone we have added another logistics team member as well as two technical sales engineers to cope with the increasing demand for various steel and precast concrete components, such as lintels, window sills, padstones, kerbs and gullies, service boxes and concrete wall caps.


Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to see this level of growth, but it was starting to feel a little cramped here at Killeshal HQ, so… we broke into available adjacent workspace are currently refurbishing it to extend our available office space to support the increased output from the production facilities.

Killeshal Precast Expansion

increased demand for concrete wall caps at Killeshal

We don’t spend money without just cause here at Killeshal , but as with investment in plant and production facilities, this is also an investment that will benefit both us and our customers, allowing us to cope adequately with increased demand so that we can grow along with our customers.

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