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Post and Rail Fencing- The Classic Boundary

There are times when you need to define an area as off-limits with out necessarily needing or wanting a full scale security fence. For those times there are few solutions that can claim to combine elegance and durability in the same way that simple, classic Post and Rail Fencing can.

Post and Rail Fencing

There is definitely something classic about post and rail fencing. Aside from being one of the oldest boundary styles, it is just beautifully simple. It does exactly what it is designed to do- it creates a visual and physical barrier to vehicles and people alike and does this in the most elegant way. It creates an unbroken line across its installed length and it is much more visually appealing than a wire-mesh or palisade fence.

In fact, particularly when painted, its clean looks can become something of a feature. There are few things more elegant than a driveway through green fields, lined with a white painted post and rail fence.

post and rail fencing
Post and Rail Fencing from Killeshal is available in one, two or three rail systems as standard, but as always we are more than happy to discuss any custom build requirements that you may have and engineer a solution to your specifications.
TwoHole-Post and Rail fencingThe posts and rails are both made in durable precast concrete, making them ideally low maintenance. The may even be left unpainted.

The image to the left shows Killeshal’s Two-hole Post and Rail Fencing in our demonstration area in its unpainted state.


Contact our team at Killeshal to see how Precast Concrete Post and Rail Fencing from Killeshal can provide an elegant boundary for your property. Click here for our Post and Rail page.

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