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Killeshal Precast Concrete

Precast Concrete Duct Channels And Covers

Any build project, whether civil or private, will likely have a degree of utility services provisioning to contend with. A simple and effective way to ensure that these services are provisioned safely and with an appropriate level of protection is to use precast concrete duct channels and covers from Killeshal.

Precast Concrete Duct Channels and Covers

Utility services are no small consideration in any construction project. They can incur some considerable expense to install, but also to maintain afterwards. That’s why proper consideration should be given to the protection of utility services with precast concrete duct channels and covers from Killeshal.

types of precast concrete duct channels

The protection afforded to utility services with our precast concrete components is two-fold:

  • To ensure that wear and tear and damage from external factors, including the weathering and avoid potentially expensive service and repair costs.
  • To protect the public and animals from sustaining injury through contact with unprotected utility lines, whether that involves gas, electricity or anything else.

Preventing damage and minimising wear and tear does not only reduce expensive service and repair costs, it also minimises the cost to the end-user of the relevant service being down whilst those repairs are carried out.

Precast Concrete Duct Channels and Covers from KilleshalPreventing possible injury to the public is a moral and legal obligation that should inform every decision with regard to the installation of utility services, not least with regard to the choice of protection afforded to the services to be installed.

KPC offer a range of Precast Concrete Duct Channels and Covers to suit a wide range utility service installations. In addition to our standard product range we can offer an expert level of guidance in specifying for custom requirements or in providing alternatives. Indeed, as previously described on a blog post here, at KPC we have a track record in this respect, supplying tough, weather resistant polymer units to a meteorological station project in the Shetland Islands (click here to see more on this).

Contact our team at KPC to see how Precast Concrete Duct Channels and Covers from KPC can provide utility protection for your project. Click here for our Utility Protection page.

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