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Schiedel Garden Fireplace from Killeshal

Ah, summer evenings, out in the garden with friends and a glass of your favourite tipple, and a Schiedel Garden Fireplace from Killeshal to keep you warm as the evening cools down. After all, we don’t exactly have hot climate. Sounds idyllic? Read on.

Schiedel Garden Fireplace from Killeshal

Keep warm through cool evenings with a Schiedel Garden Fireplace

If there is one thing that the global pandemic has thought us, it is to value and make the best of our home spaces. Sometimes that is all that we have. If that involves a garden, all the better. It is probably a source of some amusement to those lucky enough to live in better climates that we should want to remain outdoors into the cool evenings in this part of the world, but it’s such a pleasurable thing to do.

As I pictured in the introduction above, what could be better than sharing a bit of banter over a glass or two, out in the garden on a summer’s evening… as long as you can be comfortable. And there really is no better or stylish way to do that than with a Schiedel Garden Fireplace.

Schiedel Garden Fireplace for Comfort and Style

Killeshal have been offering Schiedel Chimney Systems for years now and have enjoyed the benefits of selling a product line that has steadily grown a solid reputation for top quality materials and design. These Garden Fireplaces by Schiedel take garden creature comforts to a whole new level, particularly when combined in a garden project that makes use of our excellent StoneWrap product. (see StoneWrap here)

Stylish Garden Fireplace

Easy to assemble and made with great quality materials, a Schiedel Garden Fireplace creates a perfect focal point for socialising in the garden. With or without the log store sections these garden fireplaces look so good.

Contact our team at Killeshal to see how Schiedel Garden Fireplaces from Killeshal can create a perfect spot for socialising in your garden – or maybe a perfect spot to keep all to yourself 😉

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