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Civil and Drainage

Line Drainage Systems for Surface Water Management

Line Drainage Systems and that old Eurythmics song, Here Comes The Rain Again, often come to mind at this time of year. I so often seem to have that song going around my head because even though we’ve just had another wet and wild winter, you just know the rain will keep falling into April and beyond. And of course, channel drainage systems from Killeshal come to mind because something will need to handle the resultant surface water, particularly where high capacity or heavy load-bearing drainage channels are required. Continue reading

Steel Tactile Paving Studs Retrofit to Create Tactile Paving

Retrofit existing paving with Steel Tactile Paving Studs and Strips from Killeshal Precast to create Tactile Paving.

Steel Tactile Paving Studs and Strips allow existing paving to be quickly and easily retrofitted to create safer, inclusive Tactile Paving, alerting those with visual impairments to potential hazards of steps and platforms or pedestrian crossings. Killeshal have offered tactile paving for a number of years now, but we also offer Steel Tactile Paving Studs and Strips as a solution for retro-fitting into existing paving. Continue reading

Surface Water Handling in the Irish Climate

Managing Surface Water is taken a lot more seriously in Ireland these days with data on climate change confirming our fears. Few would now dispute that we are seeing climate change in action, but not everyone is certain of how best to manage its effects. That’s where Killeshal Precast comes in… with our range of Surface Water handling products. Continue reading

Low Profile Grass Blocks for Eco-friendly Driveways

Grass Blocks have seen a marked increase in popularity and demand over the last couple of years and there is good reason for this; at a time where we are becoming increasingly aware of impacting upon the environment and needing to cope with often considerable amounts of surface water, Low Profile Grass Blocks are the ideal solution. Continue reading

Standard Concrete Kerbs – Above Standard Durability

I recently got my driveway re-surfaced. It was really starting to get on my nerves because no matter how neatly I kept the drive and surrounding grass, it never looked finished. I was determined to give the drive a proper finished look, so the only option to my mind meant it had to be lined with Precast Concrete Kerbs. Continue reading

Tactile Paving Studs for Accessiblity

Tactile Paving Studs and Strips have become an increasing relevant tool in creating a fairer and more inclusive environment. At Killeshal, we have been supplying tactile paving for quite some time, but we’ve noted an increased demand recently for tactile paving studs and strips to be retro-fitted into existing paving. Continue reading

Channel Drainage – Here Comes The Rain Again

Once again we’ve had a year where our little corner of the world has had what at least feels like an unfair amount of rain… ok that’s typical for British and Irish summers. But as we face into another wet and wild winter, we really should be planning to ensure that we can handle the resultant surface water, particularly where high capacity or heavy load-bearing drainage channels are required. Continue reading

Kerbs and Gullies and the Romans

“What have the Romans ever done for us?”
Kerbs and Gullies make for better roads and in more ways than one they define them. I have long been fascinated with the great Roman roadways and I can’t help but remember with a silly smirk or two, that scene in Monthy Python’s Life of Brian on the pros and cons of the “Roman Imperialist State”. If you’re a Pythons fan you’ll remember John Cleese’s frustration in saying “Well, yeah. Obviously the roads. I mean, the roads go without saying, don’t they?” Continue reading

Line Drainage Systems and Surface Water

All surfaced areas in this part of the world faces one common issue. Whether the surface is paved with bricks, flags, concrete or asphalt all have to contend with the copious amounts of rainfall common to the UK and Ireland. One critical requirement to deal with this issue is Line Drainage… like ULMA Line Drainage systems from Killeshal. Continue reading

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