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Civil and Drainage

Cost Effective Concrete Drainage Kerbs

Managing surface water is something we need to do quite a lot of in this part of the world. Summer is on its way, but we all know that doesn’t mean we won’t get a generous helping of rainfall. That’s why Concrete Drainage Kerbs from Killeshal are so essential.

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Chainlink Agricultural Fencing Systems

No property owner can afford to take chances with the security of their property these days and that means security for both sides of the boundary. The very origin of the phrase “Hedge your bets” has great significance on several levels in this regard. The solution is Chainlink Agricultural Fencing.

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Post and Rail Fencing- The Classic Boundary

There are times when you need to define an area as off-limits with out necessarily needing or wanting a full scale security fence. For those times there are few solutions that can claim to combine elegance and durability in the same way that simple, classic Post and Rail Fencing can. Continue reading

Junction Boxes – Standard and Custom Built

It is absolutely essential to any utility services plan that junction and inspection points are planned and appropriately catered for. Access must be possible for maintenance checks, upgrade and repair operations and so on. But not every project is the same and not every location will be suitably serviced with one of our standard Junction Boxes. That’s why we’re always happy to cater for custom requirements.

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Featured Product Bollards
Featured Product – Tactile Studs