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Trusted for Precast Concrete and more since 1969

Civil and Drainage

Style and Function with Steel Bollards

They safely segregate pedestrian traffic from cars, trucks and buses, we pass them eith on foot or while driving on a daily basis, we lean against them for a moment’s rest without giving a thought to them and yet in some ways Steel Bollards are the unsung heroes of our streetscapes. Continue reading

Bus Stop Kerbs – Competitive Alternative

No-one likes to take risks with their funds, but what if you could try an alternative, competitively priced product that had already proved itself many times over? Killeshal Precast Concrete’s bus stop kerbs are manufactured with the world’s most commonly used profile as originally used in Germany. What this means is that KPC can provide bus stop kerbs that already have a proven track record.

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Cost Effective Concrete Drainage Kerbs

Managing surface water is something we need to do quite a lot of in this part of the world. Summer is on its way, but we all know that doesn’t mean we won’t get a generous helping of rainfall. That’s why Concrete Drainage Kerbs from Killeshal are so essential.

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