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Civil and Drainage

Grass Blocks – Sustainable Drainage Systems

Environmental awareness plays an increasingly significant part in the modern build environment. One issue which has been historically difficult to manage is that of surface water drainage. The answer to this issue traditionally was to pipe the water elsewhere, potentially creating bigger issues elsewhere. Today’s eco-friendly answer lies with Sustainable Drainage systems like Grass Blocks.

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Ulma Line Drainage for Uncommon Rainfall

What a climate we’ve had for the last few years. As I write this, here at the Killeshal offices, rain streams down the windows as it has time and again this winter. When I think of the uncommon rainfall we’ve seen this past few autumns/winters (as in this story from The Mail Online on a month’s rainfall coming down in just a few hours) I’m glad we have a top class system for handling excess surface water; ULMA Line Drainage.

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Duct Channels and Duct Covers

Superior Utility Protection From Killeshal

Duct channels and duct covers are an essential part of so many civil engineering projects today. The protection of utility lines has to be ensured both to eliminate the cost of avoidable wear and damage repair and to safeguard against hazards such as electrocution. One example of this kind of major project is the city light rail system for which we supplied many miles of custom duct channels and duct covers.

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Featured Product Bollards
Featured Product – Tactile Studs